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A belated Happy New Year

The year 2016 has crept upon us and with the never-ending festivities; I almost forgot to wish you all a very Happy New Year. So here I am.

Thank goodness Christmas is over. Because it’s not that I dislike the hype that surrounds this single day, but rather that I’d spent the previous few months problem solving for the Race2Darwin, which meant that I didn’t have a single present in sight when the decision was made to delay the flight.

Cards may have been ready to send, but that was all. I’d promised to exchange presents upon my return but was left with the last minute dilemma of finding gifts for everyone around me – and with no time to do so.

I found myself on a near-impossible mission alongside the other last minute shoppers when it suddenly hit me – maybe I could dazzle them some slightly bizarre objects that, like me, didn’t make the trip.

In a wave of panic I looked through what I could give away. Shark repellent… now who could I wrap that up for? …Perhaps not. (Actually, I’d best keep that for myself as I always seem to be navigating in a sea full of sharks!)

What about a lift raft? Yes, that could be useful for my friends back up in the Lake District! (My poor Mum and Dad were left without power for days at the end of last year). Or what about a fuel filter as a present for dodgy last order drinks? Mmm…

I wasn’t sure this was going to work. Short of giving my family and friends a nappy wrapped in Santa paper, I was going to have to brave the crowds and battle for the final gifts on the shelves.

So for my first blog post of 2016, not only do I want to wish you all a very Happy (Belated) New Year, but also apologise for some of the random gifts you found yourself opening this Christmas. I did my best and it’s the thought that counts, right? And you are all certainly in my thoughts.

I very much hope this year brings us everything we hope for and fingers crossed that I can finally take off and make it to Darwin. I won’t give up on my dreams and hope you won’t either.

See you next time for more fun and flying.

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