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**(Heart) Breaking News** Solo2Darwin

I today announced that the Solo2Darwin Challenge has been forced to pause in Beirut.

I am gutted, but I have to face up to reality. I can’t go forward right now, so I have to be patient and go again as soon as the geo-politics are sorted out. I shall be back!!

Notices to Airman (NOTAMs) issued from the Pakistan, Indian and Oman effectively closes airspace to eastbound flights from Oman to Pakistan and India (below 24,000ft) which is way above mine and GAXAN's maximum flying height.

An additional and presently insuperable problem is that the border between India and Pakistan is closed. This will not open until at least 14th June but there is no firm end in sight to the closure of this airspace.

When Solo2Darwin was planned, none of these restrictions were in place. The specific India/Pakistan border issue occurred in February this year but the airspace was reopened for a short period afterwards. So, we moved forward but the planned end to those restrictions did not take place.

Planning and Technical Support was always aware that certain parts of the world would be challenging but the escalation of problems in this region has been worse than anticipated and government restrictions cannot be ignored. So many people offered and have given their support in many ways and we will work to complete @ Beirut, Lebanon

See the full press release on my Media page.

Hosted and helped by MEA and the wonderful Mohamad Tabsh and the lovely Houda Matar

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