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When do you give up?

Now that's a question.

When do I give up, when I tell you of all the mountains and hurdles I have had to overcome? Today was supposed to be my take off day for the #Race2Darwin but instead you find me writing this and not being able to find the words to say, “I have failed once again”. Oh, I can hear the cries of ‘I told you so’ coming through loud and clear!! Yes there will be a lot of people who will be very glad that I have failed once again. Is that because it makes their lives ok in the fact that they didn’t try in the first place? Is that when they would have given up?

When would you give up? At the first no? At the last ‘no’ this week when the promised loan didn’t happen meaning I only had enough funds to get to Iran? So at the moment I have to give in; but I will never give up. Yes I am devastated, however, last night the plan was rehatched and reformed for a better adventure.

When you ‘fail’ there are always plenty of people ready to jump in and say “I told you so”. Well I want to ask them the other half of the question.

When do you, as in YOU, give up on your dreams, your hopes, your desires… your life? And I ask you that in the quiet moments when you look back on your life and truthfully say to yourself, I wanted to be a (……. Fill in the blank……. ). An astronaut, policeman, doctor who saves lives, actor who inspires lives, a parent who brings up their children to be a good influence in the world?

Maybe you wanted to win the noble peace prize. Wow, what a statement for a kid to say: ‘When I grow up I want to win the noble peace prize’. But maybe if we inspire a future generation to want to do that when they grow up, how wonderful would that world be that we live in.

So no, I have not taken off today following my dream; however I have had the courage to stand up and give it 110% of my effort. And next year, watch this space.

I would like to thank everyone who has given their time, support and encouragement on this adventure… the list is long. (Check out the sponsor page). To assure those people, (not the ‘I told you so people’) that I will be back and stronger – and I will succeed!

To my sponsors I deeply appreciate all your help and support . . thank you

So I ask YOU, do I give up now? Or do I carry on, postpone (as I don’t have the money), make more money and then carry on? Because sometimes there has to be people who don’t give up, no matter what the hurdle or mountain to climb. Because if Amy Johnson could do it, then so can I. And so can you.

Ask yourself today, when would you give up? Or have you already?

Blue skies,


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