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To all my wonderful sponsors, I thank you for your previous support.

 You literally make my dreams come true!

Silver Sponsors

Screenshot 2019-02-07 at 18.39.02.png

I would like to thank ARCo for coming to my rescue, and for your patience and support


I would like to thank Hull & Humber Chamber of Commerce for your support and sponsorship.


I would like to thank Unique Design & Fabrications for your support and sponsorship

I'd also like to thank the following amazing silver sponsors:

  • Pooleys

  • Vintech

  • Simon Williams

  • Jonathan Elwes

  • Rocket Route

  • Robin Russell

  • Pilot Pics

  • Vintage Spares

For previous support and therefore helping me towards my next adventure.

Bronze Sponsors

I would like to thank Trig Avionics for your help towards the radios.

I would like to thank Phuket Airport for landing, handling and accommodation in Thailand.


I'd also like to thank the following amazing bronze sponsors:

  • Gillie Goghlan

  • Williams Welding

  • Sky Trade

  • Peter at White Waltham

  • Harry Mendelssohn

  • Air BP Fuel card

  • John bean

  • Indian High Commission

  • Digby

  • Sir Hymphrey Wakefield Bart

  • Classic Wings

  • Mark Bowman

  • Geoffrey Boot

  • Cambria Covers

Thank you to all the people that have made my Tiger Moth dreams come true. Helping to continue my adventures, keep me calm, out of chaos and given me the undying stiff upper lip motivation I needed to stay in the air. 

Finally, I'd like to thank my Mum, and Mike Wigg who keep my feet on the ground when necessary and help me fly into the clouds, on my adventures. xx

My Beloved Dad who inspired me to fly and to always carry on, I will forever miss you xx

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