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As always a huge thank you to everyone at The Aircraft Restoration Company near Cambridge in the UK for all the help and assistance and the amazing work you have done to make GAXAN a treasure to own and fly. A particular thank you to James and Matt who now are AXAN's real owners.


Thank you to Accor Group and in particular the Sibiu IBIS hotel in Romania for agreeing to look after me during my visit. 

Hashoo logo.png

Thank you to Hashoo Group who are kind enough to look after me in Pakistan in their hotels in Gwadar and Karachi.


Thank you to Rosslyn for the support, access to its network, the provision of facilities to aid in planning and Wiggy's time. 

CAA Singapore.JPG

Thank you to the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore for their kind support and covering the costs of fuel, landing and parking charges 

Screenshot 2019-04-08 at 20.31.19.png

Thank you to our secure tracking partners for their amazing technology allowing me to be tracked along the route.


Thank you to the people and organisations of the Sibiu region of Romania who together covered the costs of fueling, hangaring, permits, accommodation and hospitality during my stay. Your welcome and warmth will stay with me.


Thank you to Middle Eastern Airlines and their wonderful people for agreeing to host me and help me in Lebanon and elsewhere. A special thank you to Mr Tabsh and Ms Matar.

99s logo.jpg

Thank you to the amazing ladies of the 99s particularly the Arabian section, my true sisters in the air!

I'd also like to thank the following amazing supporters:

  • Pooleys

  • Norman Frankel BRCC

  • Tom Claytor 

  • Ruby Pope for my website

  • Andy Baxter at Unique Design & Fabrications

  • Cambrai Covers

  • Gillie Goghlan

  • Williams Welding

  • Sky Trade

  • Harry Mendelssohn

  • The late Ben Borsberry

  • Digby

  • Sir Humphrey Wakefield Bart

  • Mark Bowman

  • Geoffrey Boot

  • Robin Russell


Thank you our on board camera partners for their brilliant technology and advice enabling me to film the entire journey from the Tiger Moth.

Screenshot 2019-04-08 at 20.32.20.png

A huge thank you to our security consultants and Andy Brear in particular for his assistance and invaluable advice.

Screenshot 2019-05-12 at 10.39.09.png

Thank you to Colt for the event sponsorship in Romania. The hosting and hospitality are greatly appreciated.

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